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Spreckels Sugar® Company, a subsidiary of Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative, is the producer of Spreckels Sugar products. The Spreckels Sugar® labels are primarily marketed in the western half of the United States. Spreckels Sugar operates one beet sugar factory located in Brawley, California, and a beet seed processor located in Sheridan, Wyoming. With quality and customer service a number one priority, Spreckels has been supplying sugar products to consumers and customers for over 100 years.

Our Products

Spreckels Sugar® packages granulated sugar in 50 pound bags, 2,000 pound totes, bulk truck and bulk rail deliveries. Spreckels products are marketed by National Sugar Marketing to U.S. food and beverage manufacturers.

Culinary Institute of America Analysis

On August 22, 2007, the Culinary Institute of America entered into an agreement with the United States Beet Sugar Association to conduct a detailed sensory analysis of beet sugar vs. cane sugar in various recipes and food preparations. You may view the letter (in pdf) that explains the evaluation and its results.


There are also co-products created in the sugar process, which include dried beet pulp and beet molasses. Beet pulp is the residue left after sugar is extracted from the sugarbeet roots. Pulp is a major ingredient for milk production in dairies and is also used as part of the ration in feed for cattle. Molasses contains the portion of sugar that could not be crystallized into white sugar. Molasses is used as a principal product in the manufacture of yeast for fermentation processes. It is also used as an animal feed ingredient. Our co-products are marketed by Midwest Agri-Commodities, a leading marketer of sugar co-products around the globe. Midwest Agri-Commodities globally markets over 1.6 million tons of beet pulp, beet molasses, desugared beet molasses and betaine produced at 14 plants in Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Michigan and California, to the livestock, dairy and poultry industries.

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